Thumbnail Traffic Rider Mod APK 1.99b (All bikes unlocked)
Icon Traffic Rider Mod APK 1.99b (All bikes unlocked)

Traffic Rider Mod APK 1.99b (All bikes unlocked)

Feb 21, 2024

Information of Traffic Rider


Traffic Rider

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159.48 Mb




All bikes unlocked

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Compatible with:

Android 5.1+

Traffic Rider Mod APK offers unlimited fun with all bikes unlocked and max level character. Free download now and dominate the virtual roads like never before.

Traffic Rider APK: A Motorcycle Racing Adventure

If you're a fan of high-speed racing and the thrill of maneuvering through traffic, then Traffic Rider APK is the game for you. This mobile adrenaline rush offers a realistic motorcycle racing experience like no other. With its smooth controls, immersive gameplay, and stunning graphics, Traffic Rider APK puts you in the driver's seat as you navigate through busy city streets, challenging highways, and exciting off-road tracks.

At its core, Traffic Rider APK is a racing game that puts players in control of a powerful motorcycle. The game offers a wide variety of motorcycles to choose from, each with its own unique performance characteristics and attributes. Whether it's a sleek sports bike or a rugged chopper, players can select their preferred ride and embark on an exciting journey through diverse environments.

Upgrade Your Gameplay with Traffic Rider Mod APK Premium Features

If so, Traffic Rider is likely one of your favorites. But what if I told you that you could take your gaming experience to a whole new level? With the Traffic Rider Mod APK, you can unlock premium features that will change the way you play the game.

All Bikes Unlocked

One of the standout features of the advanced version is the ability to unlock all bikes from the very beginning. In the standard version of the game, you would need to grind through various levels to earn enough in-game currency to unlock these bikes. However, the advanced version grants you access to the complete fleet of motorcycles right from the start.

Max Level Cap

In addition to having all bikes unlocked, the game also sets your character at the maximum level cap. This means that you start the game with all the skills and abilities that would typically take hours of gameplay to achieve. You're essentially playing with a fully upgraded character from the get-go.

Impressive Graphic and Sound Design

When it comes to the graphic and sound design of Traffic Rider APK, the developers have gone above and beyond to create a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Realistic and Detailed Visuals

The graphic design of Traffic Rider APK is a true feast for the eyes. The game features highly realistic and detailed visuals that bring the racing environment to life. From meticulously designed motorcycles to vibrant and diverse landscapes, every element is crafted to provide players with an immersive and visually captivating experience. Attention to detail in graphic design enhances overall realism and adds depth to the gameplay.

Immersive Sound Effects

The sound design of Traffic Rider APK is as remarkable as its graphic design. The game boasts immersive sound effects that enhance the overall racing experience. From the powerful roar of motorcycle engines to the screeching of tires and the ambient sounds of traffic, each sound is meticulously designed to create a sense of immersion and realism. High-quality sound effects add to the adrenaline rush and make the gameplay even more captivating.

Adjustable Audio Settings

To ensure a personalized gaming experience, the game offers adjustable audio settings. Players have the freedom to customize the volume levels of different sound elements, such as engine sounds, music, and ambient effects. This feature allows players to fine-tune the audio to their preferences and create a balanced and immersive audio experience.

High-Speed Action Awaits: Traffic Rider APK Free Download for Android

On, you can enjoy the thrill of high-speed motorcycle racing with a free download of Traffic Rider APK for Android. This exciting game offers an immersive racing experience that puts you in control of a powerful motorcycle as you navigate through traffic-filled streets, challenging highways, and off-road tracks. What sets it apart is the ability to unlock all bikes and reach the max level, giving you an edge right from the start. So, if you're ready to rev your engines and conquer the virtual roads, head over to for a free download of Traffic Rider APK and experience the adrenaline rush today!


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