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Wuthering Waves - Easy Tips to Cut Your Grinding Time

Wuthering Waves is a brand-new gacha game with an open-world concept. It is pretty similar to Genshin Impact, with one significant difference: It focuses more on combat mechanics.

People who think Genshin Impact is a boring game due to its easy fights against enemies will consider Wuthering Waves as an excellent alternative. It has good lores, appealing characters, easter eggs, and fan service visuals here and there.

Whether it is your first time playing an open-world gacha game or you are a 'cheater' from Genshin Impact, you must know how to deal with the new environment in the Wuthering Waves. That way, you don't waste your time without clear goals.

Wuthering Waves

The Quests

Just like any other game, it will be boring if there is no story behind it. Wuthering Wave starts with you as the amnestic human being summoned into a troubled world. Your assignment is to regain your memory and understand your main life purpose.

In version 1.1, you have two main quests. The first one relates to knowing the danger in your summoned world called Solaris-3, the third planet from the sun. The second one is when you become a real hero by defeating the real source of the catastrophe. Completing both quests is super important because it unlocks various features, gadgets, and missions, and you will need to get better rewards when exploring other areas in the game.

In addition to the main quest, you should start completing tutorial quests. These quests are also important because they open challenges that will give you rewards even if you need to consume wave plates or stamina that regenerates every 10 minutes.

Wuthering Waves Blog

Leveling up Characters

While completing both quests, you can level up your character. Unlike Genshin Impact, where you play four characters in a team, in Wuthering Waves, you only get 3 in a team.

However, don't get the wrong idea. You only need 2 characters to level up to complete the game—one main DPS with one healing/shield support. You can also go with one main DPS and sub-DPSb DPS if you are good at dodging.

You don't have to put your resource in so many characters. Just focus on 2 main characters, and you don't have to grind to make an impact.

Leveling Up Echo Data Bank

Echo is quite important element in this game. It serves as equipment, armor, or artifact in other games. You must equip 5 echoes to achieve the highest performance, either damaging, defending, or healing.

After completing the quests, you can explore the Solaris world while hunting echoes. If your data bank is still at level 14 or lower, you should farm echoes, but do not upgrade them no matter what you do.

Wuthering Waves Tips

Echo Farming Methods

To farm echoes effectively, you should know that there is a hidden trick that not all people know. It is by going into the main menu (pressing the escape button). After that, click the data bank. Pick any echoes below 4 in that menu, especially if you are a new player, or 5 if your data bank is level 15. Press track, and you will see that the data level increases extremely quickly.


If you want a new character to accompany your journey, consider convening some of them using Lustrous Tides. Since it is a gacha game, you won't get the promoted character in the banner even after max pull, especially if you are not in a guaranteed state.

Therefore, consider buying Wuthering Waves accounts for sale with the characters you like. The latest character people are dying to get is Yinlin, who has electro-support abilities. However, you should wait until some accounts have the newly leaked character, including Jinshi.

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