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Spotify Playlists For Horse Racing Enthusiasts

If you love horse racing, then you definitely understand the thrill and experience that comes from these intense competitions. There is something about this sport, where even if races last for around 2 minutes, it still attracts millions of viewers worldwide.


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But as you probably already know, horse racing is more than just the thrill of the race. It’s more about the experience, culture, history, fashion, food, people you meet, and of course music. It is truly a unique sport that combines different passions, and it is hard to think of a sport that comes close to horse racing when it comes to fan diversity.

With that said, let’s focus on music. Music is important in horse racing just to get in the right mood, and in most cases, this makes the entire experience much better. Listening to the right songs is also good when creating your horse betting strategy. After all, the songs may inspire you even more.

So, you have two choices. Either avoid the hassle of making your own playlist, which usually takes time, and some people don’t know much about Equestrian songs, or create a playlist yourself.

When you are listening to an already-made playlist, you get a chance to hear songs you’ve never heard before. On the other hand, with manually created playlists you have more control over your mood.

Let’s talk more about equestrian playlists, and find out some of the best ones you can listen to right now.

Why Spotify Playlists for Horse Racing?

Well, Spotify is the go-to app when it comes to music. Why? Just because it offers a huge library of music, including some of the best equestrian songs, making it easy to find any song you like.

Plus, the platform has quite a good learning algorithm and in just a few days it will sense that you are an equestrian enthusiast by the song you listen, to and give you some great suggestions for new songs.

On top of that, Spotify has close to 600 million listeners, and many of them create a public playlist. Therefore, there are already many different playlists aimed at horse racing enthusiasts.

1. Hoof Beats Playlist by the Ascot Racecourse

This is a playlist created by the Ascot Racecourse, which is why it is our top choice. After all, they have years of experience in the horse racing industry and probably already know which kind of songs work and which don’t.

Every horse racing fan needs a highly energetic playlist that captures that high-energy and pulse-pounding that real races bring to the table. When it comes to the type of songs, you have everything. This playlist includes some classics, rock, country, and even R&B.

We have songs like “Old Town Road – by Lil Nas X”, “The Runner - Foals”, “Wild Horses – By the Rolling Stones”, “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – by U2” and many more that scream horses!

It is an adrenaline packed playlist that will get you inspired before a horse race.

2. HORSE RACE SONGS – Michael Reese

This is one of the most popular horse racing playlists on Spotify with close to 400 saves. It is a playlist of carefully picked 28 songs and unlike the previous one, this has a deeper focus on horses and horse races.

The biggest difference is that in this playlist there are some horse racing songs that you’ve probably never heard about, which is a good thing. After all, we want to learn something new and experience the sport on a different level, right?

This playlist includes songs like:

  • Trumpet Fanfare – Horse Race Call To The Post (which is not a song, but an iconic trumpet melody that signifies the start of the Kentucky Derby) – It is a great way to start the playlist.
  • “They’re Off” At the Kentucky Derby – This is a sound effect as a second song on the playlist to give you that adrenaline boost and recreate the start of a race.
  • “Goin’ To The Races” – Old & In the Way
  • Hoss Race – Tim O’Brien
  • Stewball – Lead Belly
  • Save a Horse – Big & Rich
  • Faster Horses – Justin McBride

So, if you want something new, this is the playlist to go for.

3. Kentucky Derby Playlist  - christiesap

This is another popular Spotify horse racing playlist with 345 saves and it is strictly aimed at the Kentucky Derby. The selection of songs is quite diverse. Most of them feature Chris Stapleton, but you also get the Rolling Stones, some Taylor Swift action, Vanilla Ice, Luce, and Kenny Rogers (The Gambler).

It is quite a big collection featuring more than 200 songs, and some of them are chill, some of them are aimed at gambling, and others will give you that adrenaline rush.


Q: Can I create my own horse racing playlist?

A: Absolutely! Spotify allows you to create and share your own playlists. Mix and match your favorite tracks to create the perfect soundtrack for your racing adventures.

Q: Are there any podcasts related to horse racing on Spotify?

A: Yes! Spotify hosts a variety of horse racing podcasts, such as “Horse Racing Happy Hour” and “The Amplify Horse Racing Podcast.” These podcasts cover everything from race previews to betting tips and industry news.


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