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Rainbow Six Siege - All shooting and tactical tips for ranked

All shooting and tactical tips for increasing your rank in Rainbow Six Siege

R6 is a rated esports shooter that is similar to CS GO in some mechanics, but at the same time it uses the ability to destroy objects and a system of agents that have unique tools for assaulting and holding positions.

You will play matches that will go up to 15 rounds with a change of sides, where the team that wins 8 rounds wins.

Beginning of the game

Two teams will start the match in different places - the terrorists are playing on defense and have already partially realized their plans depending on the game map and now must hold hostages, or prevent the bomb from being defused, or destroy the special forces.

Special forces, on the contrary, must successfully storm the building and eliminate the threat.

Rainbow Six Siege Tips

Among the interesting mechanics - you will have obvious entrances and passages and the opportunity to create new ones thanks to the destruction system, including simply breaking through the roof.

All your activity, kills and assists will help you increase your rating in case of victory and keep it at the previous level in case of defeat.

If you always have stable statistics, and you see that you are already playing better than your opponents, but cannot increase your rank due to the poor play of your allies, then you can always order a rank boost from the Skycoach service and try to play with stronger opponents and allies.

Even if you later lose this rank, you will still gain invaluable experience and understand your level of play.

Weapons and shooting

You will use different equipment depending on the choice of agent, but there are only three types of shooting methods and can be used depending on the situation.

Rainbow Six Siege Ranked guide

Single fire

This is a single-shot technique that allows you to quickly and accurately shoot enemies at long range, but the skill requires mastery and practice, so pay attention to training. The most important thing is to let the weapon level after firing and hold it for half a second before firing again, otherwise the firing format becomes automatic and ceases to be aimed.

This approach will help you destroy enemies in windows, or behind positions when you see only a small part of the enemy, and you need to hit it.

Shooting three rounds

This is the main type of shooting, which has high damage and hit percentage without turning the battle into automatic shooting, which is considered chaos and consumes ammo very heavily and quickly.

You will aim for the enemy's chest, or body, because shooting at the head in this approach will cause the cartridges to scatter and some of them to fly past.

If you shoot at the body, then all the bullets will fly to the target and even hitting one will cause serious damage to the enemy, and two and three in most cases will simply destroy him.

Rainbow Six Siege how to

This format does not work well at long range, and it is better to return to single fire to improve accuracy.

For medium and close range, shooting three rounds, on the contrary, is a better option.

Automatic fire

This is the most common type of shooting for beginners who do not yet understand the principles of shooting and until they adjust, their boost in R6 will be slowed down.

Such shooting is not profitable because it wastes a lot of ammunition and lacks accuracy. Of course, you can master spraying bullets and launching them all in the direction of enemies, but this should be a last resort tactic and not a permanent method of shooting.


Special forces will attack in all matches, trying to knock the terrorists out of the building and eliminate the bomb threat and save the hostages.

Sometimes you can even play aggressively - just scout out the location of the bomb and immediately rush right there, without preparation, betting on the surprise format - from time to time this will work, but you shouldn’t bet on such games all the time.

For the best effect, it is better for you to divide your efforts and attack enemies from several directions.

This could be a simultaneous explosion of the roof, wall and assault through the doorway.

These actions will take the enemy by surprise and will help you better cope with the clearing, because special forces must always come up with ways to better realize their advantage, while terrorists must cover different directions and stretch their forces throughout the building and pull to a point only at the time of the assault, or at least when the plans are revealed, otherwise you can get a deceptive maneuver and lose in the draw.

Rainbow Six Siege shooting and tactical tips for ranked

Often that team wins and gets a rank boost in Rainbow Six Siege, which can surprise and play atypically in attack and defense.

Cohesion is important in an attack, because if a squad comes in and doesn’t clear out and check the corners, then everyone can die even from one enemy. Of course, teamwork is hard to achieve with random partners, but you should strive for this and constantly play well yourself, then your rank will R6 will definitely improve because you will simply outgrow the current level of players.


Playing defensively is both easier and more difficult at the same time.

On the one hand, you will have good positions and shelters behind which you will repel the attack, but if you do not figure out the enemy’s plans in a timely manner, then the force of the entire squad will fall on you and there will not be much chance to resist.

The most important task of terrorists is to understand the plan of the special forces in time and reorganize to repel it.

Avoid standing near flimsy walls and roofs, as they are more likely to be blown and punctured.

Try to mine or block at least part of the potential attack points in order to slow down, stop, or even eliminate your opponents.

If you take positions correctly and change them in the round, in order to deprive the enemy of the opportunity to act proactively and shoot at the positions that you occupied previously.

To boost your rank in Rainbow Six Siege, you will play for both teams and of course there are strengths and weaknesses, but with stable play you will be able to gain your rounds and gradually achieve 8 wins in the match and move on.

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