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How RNG Digital Technology Shapes Roulette Gaming


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Roulette game designers use several highly sophisticated pieces of technology to ensure the sector continues to flourish globally. RNG isn’t just used in digital roulette gaming, though. It’s used in any virtual table or any game that doesn’t have a live dealer. RNG is an acronym for Random Number Generator, and it ensures that casino games use a method of determining gaming outcomes and keeps the industry fair and level for everybody.

The Importance Of RNG Technology

Without RNGs and other sophisticated designs, such as algorithmic integrity, the online casino industry would need to find another way to generate random numbers and allocate prizes. Without it - the whole industry would cease to function as a viable route for people to play roulette and other digital casino games.

While this sounds a tad dramatic, what is more critical in casino gaming than the underlying rhetoric that the technology is fit for purpose? If there’s any idea that the industry cannot perform this highly necessary function, it will be put into unchartered and precarious waters, this is one of the main technologies that helps to keep the industry working for everybody.

How RNG Works In Roulette Gaming

Random number generators are used in all casino games that don’t have a physical live dealer. So, if somebody is playing at a live dealer roulette table, it’s relatively self-explanatory. The randomness lies in how the dealer spins the roulette ball. However, when someone explores the scope of the online roulette table games, they start to see how crucial RNG is to the outcome of each game.

While there’s a lot more technical analysis and explanation behind how the coding works, RNG is an algorithm replicating the same pattern as random numbers picked out by a human. In roulette gaming, this is obviously crucial. Suppose a gambler plays online at a roulette table with no human oversight. In that case, they’re at the command of RNG technology to ensure that it replicates the random actions of a live dealer as closely as possible.

Casino platforms and game design companies put this technology through testing before implementing it into their model. They have to ensure it meets strict requirements and that any potential bugs are identified. During testing, they will usually generate billions of numbers in any test, and the increasing use of AI to detect any problems or, in some cases, construct the entire RNG code continues to impact the wider casino industry.

Looking Ahead

We can’t discuss the future of RNG technology without discussing the AI-shaped elephant in the room. Throughout the next decade or two, no industry will be untouched by the seismic changes AI will usher in, but given that RNG uses algorithms, the changes that AI could bring to it will be enormous.

RNG has been used in video gaming, particularly mobile sports gaming, for many years. It was also rolled out in casinos even before the emergence of online casinos, so it’s not necessarily new technology; it’s just the speed of the new developments that has got many in the industry sitting up and paying attention. 

In casino gaming, AI will change how search engines present results for people and have monumental, far-reaching effects on loads of different parts of everyday life, healthcare, finance, and just about any other major industry.

AI can continuously rewrite and amend coding, ensuring optimal outcomes for RNGs as they become more sophisticated and removing the need for the same levels of human oversight. Now, this does not impact anything we see from a roulette gaming perspective per se, apart from possible AI live dealers being rolled out at some point. Given that those in the industry believe it’s only a few years away from passing specific human tests, it’s not the most significant stretch to imagine AI live dealers being able to replace human ones within the next decade.

AI in the casino gaming background is set to change how platforms dissect user data—ideally, leading to more specific outcomes and the ability to change their models effectively and understand customers.


You could argue that RNG is the most essential piece of individual technology in casino gaming. Without it, the industry would need another way to fairly and randomly determine what happened when there was a spin of the wheel. It also impacts a lot of other casino games.

However, tech companies always look for ways to improve this technology and ensure it remains firing on all cylinders. Such is the demand for casino gaming. Tech companies that can pioneer in the underlying technology that sits at the foundation of casino gaming are often in line for multi-million dollar contracts.

Many companies have spent decades engineering this cutting-edge RNG technology, and it’s helped online roulette gaming flourish massively, especially virtual games.

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